​About the artist...

For  the first eighteen years of my life, I lived in a unique setting: the  Canal Zone, Isthmus of Panama with my American parents and two older  brothers. As a young child, I loved to draw on half used paper which my  father supplied from his office.  During my teen years, I worked on  my art technique and typed several short stories for my amusement on my  electric typewriter.  I dreamt of illustrating my own books. I attended  American schools there until 1968 when we moved to Springdale,  Arkansas. I enrolled at the University of Arkansas, in Fayetteville,  Arkansas, majoring in Commercial Art for four years.  
After  I graduated in 1972, I continued my art education with a correspondence  course from Minneapolis, Minnesota and attended the Art Institute of  Pittsburgh,
y life, IPennsylvania.

The artist, Esther Clair, with her greyhound, Maria

During  the years to follow, I worked as a draftsman with several Civil  Engineering firms. I married Bill, my husband in 1983. With his  encouragement, I established my pet portrait business, working  on portraits for local clients and others around the country. Some  special projects consisted of art work for musicians, aircraft  operators, musicians, clubs, churches, landscaping  and engineering  firms. After a move to Georgia, I embraced many clients and groups who  owned greyhounds and other dogs  across the country after setting up my own website in 2002 The  money, from greyhound group annual auctions, helped volunteers care for  these hounds and other animals. We moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma, in  2007 where I continued my portraits with other animals.  Along with my  art, my desire to write about these sensitive, devoted  greyhounds enabled me to explore another realm of creativity! Bill and I  share our lives with one greyhound, an occasional foster and four  aquariums of tropical freshwater fish. -Esther Clair